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  1. THE VORTEX: Neue Konzepts

    yes the idea was to be a Siberian tiger but as alot of fans suggested ,soviets still have bears and the white tiger is a chinese unit
  2. THE VORTEX: Neuer mobiler Stealth Generator

    textured version still needs some work though
  3. THE VORTEX: Neue Bilder

    as for the grand cannon gun it is already redesigned and the rocketeer most likely it will be more like the one in ra2 other than this i cant understand whay u guys say :/
  4. THE VORTEX: 2. Concept Arts Update

    yeah i mentioned that at moddb
  5. THE VORTEX: 2. Concept Arts Update

    just one note the tesla trooper is less affected but not at all ,i mean u will need 4-5 sniper shoots rather than one to take him down same for dogs attacks but realy how much time the dog will survive the tesla shock to reach these guys XD beside it can deploy small tesla defense any where in the map btw thanks for keeping the mod updated here
  6. THE VORTEX: Concept Arts Update

    these are texture stuff the concept target is to give u an overview of the design
  7. THE VORTEX: Concept Arts Update

    the flag is just for the concept
  8. THE VORTEX: Umgestalltung

    the new one will use railgun ,so i was thinking of make this a warfactory buildable one and the shock wave a crawler unit as its relative small size make it easier to get out from crawler's door
  9. THE VORTEX: Umgestalltung

    textured one ,choose between this and cnc4 one
  10. THE VORTEX: Umgestalltung

    wait to see it textured and way the other one is still ingame
  11. THE VORTEX: Umgestalltung

    in english plz
  12. Tiberian Sun Redux: Ingame Bilder

    the original one has long cannons as well so i made it that long
  13. The VORTEX: Shockwave Tank

    due to exames the mod progress is taken down to a level that is almost zero ,however sooner or later u will see
  14. The VORTEX: Shockwave Tank

    the idea is to have some hover tanks for naval battels as gdi "in vortex" use only 2-3 ships unlike other factions so they have to work more with hover tech ,it will remain like that until i get a better concept then it will return back to the crawler but wont be totaly removed
  15. THE VORTEX: GDI Talon Sandstorm

    ok ok guys 1st -as the mod states clearly it is a sci fi mod 2nd- we 100% featuring ra3 and cnc4 units ,who likes clasic style more their tib.sun redux mod and dozenes of ra2 that can be played 3rd- u see it strange that gdi fights china ,then what u will say when a scrin mother ship attacks a gla base ,each faction is palanced on its unique way beside this is a randon fight ,messions and story will link the universes together in a rathional way and each era fights with its factions ..eg u wont see allies aganist gdi or nod aganist china in the missions 4th -i dont see a point of talking about coping an original unit ,most mods do that ,beside u want it to be either totaly new or a copy ,that wont happen 5th-about the name "sandstorm" call it hover mrls if it realy annoies u