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  1. Lots of Images

    i actuality have no idea but i think the Nod-Militant/Gdi/Scrin- animation
  2. Lots of Images

    Here are some Preview images for the mod enjoy,
  3. First Beta Infomation

    Updated The First Post with More information
  4. Your Models In Our Maps

    when our coder gets back or i post a new map/model
  5. Your Models In Our Maps

    I have had some questions regarding models in peoples maps, so here is my answer to everyone Q = Are You Able to add the Mod To worldbuilder so a scripted mission can be created A = Yes, as with any mod it will be able to be loaded into the worldbuilder Q = could you put in additional man made items A = Yes, I will be requiring some custom models not required for the sides (UNSC ect) to create the Campaign Levels and provide more detail in the maps Some suggestions for these items include the covenant energy barriers, ammo and weapon crates, dropship wreckage, Garrisonable turrets Q = Is there anyway i can create models and import them A = sure, if you have a model for your map but have no idea on how to add it in-game, then just send us your model in .3ds or .max and your map as well and we will re-size and import your model to the mod (we will also send you a mini-mod with your model in it and instructions on how to add it to the world-builder) Read More On our FAQ Here
  6. First Beta Infomation

    go right ahead
  7. First Beta Infomation

    Currently we await the return of our coder but during that time i would like to announce here ONLY (for now) that we are getting ready the First Beta of HaloRTS, i can not give you an exact time for release as it will first start off as a closed beta You can get access to this by entering the Map Contest as currently i only have two entries this beta will mainly include changes for the UNSC and minor changes for the covanent, sorry the flood has not been included as we are sill taking in ideas which you can post here on cncsaga or on the ModDB forums NOTE: BETA WILL ONLY BE SUPPORTED HERE More Information Will be Posted as beta 1 release gets closer ==Update== Sorry guys but due to personal issues with our coder we are unable to release the first beta in the next few weeks, we are planning to release the first public beta before or during August and a Full version by the end of the year i will be posting more information on ModDB
  8. Mapping Contest

  9. Links To HaloRTS Groups The ModDB Page for the mod This is a Forum that Belongs to Madiba127 Studios but has a section for HaloRTS where suggestions or questions can be posted HaloRTS Twitter Twitter for Small Updates that are not posted on ModDB HaloRTS Steam Group Steam Group to see who is online and quick chat about the mod HaloRTS On just a small group on DA for showing us your models or concepts you think we could use Facebook HaloRTS Is On Facebook, has the same stuff as on ModDB but has a higher chance of questions being answered
  10. Mapping Contest

    Hi Guys and Girls I am posting this to spreed the word around the C&C Community to inform you all about the the Mapping Contest the HaloRTS Mod is running. what we want to do is to include the community more in the mod with ideas and now with community made maps to be released with the Public Beta and all that is required is to have a slight halo twist, you don't need to worry about tiberium or tech structures i will add all of those once created, and when you have made it just seed it to us at [][/nospam] and i will post a topic about your map with images in the Map Section Here The Top Three maps will be chosen by the Mod team and the creators will be given access to the closed Beta If you need any more information about this contest the please contact me via PM on moddb or posting on this topic as this will save me from missing your question ModDB username = madiba127 just to show off one of the Mods Official maps i have designed *You Do not have to do a preview image like this one* Have Fun Mapping ==Madiba127== HaloRTS Admin & Mapper