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  5. An was denkt ihr wenn ihr ..... hört?

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  7. Stell dir vor du bist ein Soldat!

    Vous ne parlez pas tous le Français sur ce Forum, donc j'annule l'histoire désolé! Sie müssen nicht alle sprechen in diesem Forum Französisch, deshalb habe ich die Geschichte entlassen sorry! You do not all speak French on this forum, therefore I dismiss the story sorry!
  8. Stell dir vor du bist ein Soldat!

    In partnership with the site of clan (me), there is a story you may have already read but with the agreement of the author of this story, I publish it on Saga! It's a story that affected me and made me laugh I share with you is my reason to publish it on Saga! Ps: The author keeps the rights! So here is a brave Soviet Malashenko Nikolai decides to bind itself in the army rougeAlors you arrive at your barracks, your training begins (Watching "Leningrad" + read "The kalasmikov for Dummies"). After your intensive training over four hours, you are called to the front, against a check for 150 rubles. of course you agree! You follow a tunnel for hours, then you go out with a strong armored ... here you are in the main base of the future battle. For now, it is a building construction, two generators, a crane, a fire station and two refineries. You just received your first order, escorted to an elevator engineer resources, aided by two bears. "Super Friends: Bears with helmets and an engineer coated with grease, it's great!" Finally, you reach your goal, but you realize that there were already two pooches on the spot and two kinds of CRS. Worse, they saw you! What are you: - Take your courage in both hands, and you fly! Like a brave soldier Soviet! - Take your courage in both hands, and you shoot-offs, knowing that, apart have the air con and coward, it does not serve a great thing. - You take your hands them courage, and you drink a Molotov cocktail of your ...
  9. Der User nach mir...

    Nein, aber meine Lehrer haben getan! Der Benutzer unter mir nicht ein Weg sein.
  10. Der User nach mir...

    Stimmt Der Benutzer unter mir nicht Französisch!
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    Action Alliierten oder Sowjets?
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  13. Stell dir vor du bist ein Soldat!

    Nein, sie ist jemand anders, sorry!
  14. Der Unendlich-in-Bildern Zählthread[/img]
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