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  1. Dies ist die aktualisierte Tutorials für diejenigen, die interessiert sind. PS Dies ist mit einem Ãœbersetzer, meine appologies für alles, was keinen Sinn macht.
  2. Willkommen bei der neuen

    Good to see you back guys.
  3. CnCTube Downtime - Until at least 9th Aril 2011 Hi, CnCTube will be going under important site maintenance. This will resolve the main issue including: - Every File Format not converting excluding .FLV You may catch us with CnCTube Online, but please refrain from using the site until we have officially announced its back up and running. Kind regards, Neo CnCTube Team
  4. Hello everyone, Just as we thought CnCTube was forgotten and was just a phase, we have just gotten a little bigger with the help of CnCSaga, and the Saga Arts program. Current Features: Every C&C Game Category: Including a SAGA Arts Category for our other fellow Saga Art Projects. Including a Mod Category, which allows us to add individual Mod Names as sub categories! Request your Mod to get a category in a new topic. Channels for your Accounts On registration, you are automatically given a CnCTube Channel.'> (We'll take a look at what User Categories we can edit to suit C&C.) There's also the standard customization for backgrounds you wish to edit etc. Groups! Particularly helpful for Mod projects wishing to have a Group page, or for any fan websites.'> Forums As you may have already noticed, we now have a forum here at CnCSaga, as part of the SAGA Arts program. Quick link is found:'> Editors Pick Each week we will have an Editors pick on videos. Right now you can see on our homepage we just have a video about C&C4/interview with Kane. Its a great chance to get your video noticed by our growing community. We will feature one of your videos each week if you make a topic in our CnCTube forum, if theres no request, theres no feature. Multiple Skins I know how members feel about a dark and light skin, this bit will take a little longer. We planned on getting the re-launch of CnCTube with two skins, both light and dark. We will eventually have this, for a sneak peak of the Dark Skin in the works, take a look here (Obviously, this is based off the original old dark skin of CnCtube, so it will be redesigned to match our existing site. Blogs CnCTube will eventually be after a small news team for its Blog, just so C&C communities/projects have the chance to request news and engage with us more. Obviously there will be news, and then there will be Site developments of CnCtube posted too. Remember to check every part of the site on a regular occassion. And lastly, and Active Team for CnCTube. I'm planning on creating a high tech, active, and rewarding CnCTube team so we can stay on top of your requests.
  5. Hello, CnCTube is recruiting for the following volunteer: Event Management: This role is all about communication with the C&C communities out there. Getting stuck in with tournaments, and making sure we are the number 1 host of any videos created. CnCTube also needs to get more involved with Mod projects. Creating special video advertisements of their mods might be an example. We are open to ideas on this. We are also wanting to become a proud host of tournaments, not with money (Just yet), but with our service of featuring any VOD of a tournament on our site. Aim's expected from you if applying for this position: - Good English to speak with my self, and my co-parter of CnCTube. - Professional in how you approach communities, i.e via email, forum posts, or making of events. - Playing an active appearance around the CnCTube forums. You will have access to: - A Limited Video Admin/moderation panel. - Full Admin to our CnCTube Blog. - Your own personalized CnCTube email account. - Access to our CnCTube private forums. If anyone has any questions, or would like to apply they can reply here, or E-Mail me at
  6. CnCTube's New Official Forum Hello everyone! Stay tuned for updates. Great work CnCSaga!
  7. [Suggestion]:

    Alright, if it does go ahead I've managed (and still do today) quite a few communities in the past. We should probably try and start building on top of existing sites to become bigger, instead of multiple sites dwindling here and there.
  8. We have a French, a German but not specifically an English. Has the team considered this before? I would be interested in helping out if such an idea comes into play.. Just a thought anyway.
  9. CnCTube hat neues Design

    Thanks for the mention guys. If you have any suggestions, or videos you would like to see more of, let me know!
  10. Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 Cash Ladder Tournament! Credits: Kindly sponsored by Fireworks, run by Strike-Team. for featuring all replays. for providing commentary, and further exposure of the tournament. What must I do? Qualify in the TOP 16 of the Red Alert 2 Quick Match Ladder, August 2010.Confirm (the potential top 20) with us that you will be able to play on the 18th September. (We hope to get this finished in a day) 19th September will be a run over if we can't finish on the 18th.However, If a player has been proven to lame, cheat, or curse during the qualifying month, they will miss out on entering the tournament. What happens after that? If you happen to be lucky enough to get into the top 16 you are automatically entered into the tournament. We will take 5 reserves in-case players are unable to turn up. (so top 20 as a backup) Maps to be played in the Tournament? You won't be assigned a map for your matches, but you must choose a map from the map pool. If you don't and play with what is in the map pool, instead play your own map choice you will be disqualified. Games are best of 3, you will only be able to play a map once within each stage. So 1st stage is your first 3 games, the 2nd stage is your next 3 games etc. Player 1 will choose the first map, Player 2 will choose the next, Loser of round 2of3 will choose the final map. How will the brackets be made? Rank 1 will play Rank 16 Rank 2 will play Rank 15 Rank 3 will play Rank 14 (And so on.) Finals Will be best of 5 games. Hopefully having commentary (VOD's), and live streaming for Strike-Team users to watch live. Terms of entering the Tournament -No engineering enemy buildings (except for tech buildings) - accidental or not -No bug abuse ('alting', 'self-spy' or other things that the game was not intended to do). - accidental or not -No trainers or map-revealers -No intentional disconnecting/reconnecting/washing -No 'pushing' -Only 1 nickname per person (players can use multiple nicks in the ladder, but only 1 of their nicks can be used in the tournament) NOTE: Players MUST be available on the day otherwise they are considered 'forfeited' and a reserve will take your place. Prizes 1st place - 100 euros (not to mention a great reputation!) 2nd place - 50 euros 3rd place - 25 euros Where to meet? Meeting will take place in Korean Bunker 2, at 7PM BST.
  11. This guide will instruct you as to how to play Red Alert 2 over the Internet. As of Current, Red Alert 2 is run by the community server XWIS. EA sponsor the community server to maintain an anti cheat enviroment whilst you play online. You can access realtime ladders by visiting XWIS, or their Official Support forum here. Instructions on how to play: Download Red Alert 2 Log into the XWIS Control Panel, Add a Red Alert 2 serial and create a nick. If you don't have a serial, buy one legally from SerialCafe. Start the game as administrator. Click Internet. Click Custom Match. Enter the XWIS nickname you created in the control panel, along with the XWIS password also supplied. Enjoy! Source
  12. CNCTube - Command and Conquer Tube

    Hey yeah i do come to think of it, when you can spread the word! Thanks raptorz, and your english is spot on, nothing wrong there
  13. CNCTube - Command and Conquer Tube

    Just to let new users of cncsage know to upload their cnc clips! We have had support, but love more from you. Thanks!
  14. neogrant and zzattack present to you... CNC Tube, its a new video site that has just recently opened. This site acts and works just like YouTube but it only hosts Command & Conquer related videos. You can register for you own account to upload and share your Command & Conquer videos with everyone else. Or browse what is currently featured on the site. + High Quality Videos + No Limit on Duration + Upload videos in the following formats: 3gp, 3gpp, asf, avi, dat, flv, mov, mp4, mpg, mpeg, rm, wmv + Add Videos from Youtube, downloaded and uploaded in a flash to the CNCTube video library. + All CNC Videos in one Video site. (Thats what we hope to see) Follow us on Twitter! and Like Us on Facebook!