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A Path Beyond: Neues Update gesichtet

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Die Renegade Modifikation "A Path Beyond" hat vor kurzem ein neues Update mit dem Titel "Gamma Stuff" rausgebracht. In diesem werden sowohl ein Video präsentiert wie eine Änderungliste, diese könnt ihr weiter unten sehen. Das Video präsentiert neben Waffen auch Maps und Fahrzeuge welches in der kommenden Version enthalten sein werden. Schön anzusehen ist das Video allemal, gerade wegen den Nachteffekten.



The Tech Level System!

Every three minutes, you will gain access to a new tier of vehicles! This breaks the game up into phases, and makes it much more balanced, not to mention opening up avenues of attack not previously utilized, such as early-game infantry rushes!

New Balance!

No, not the shoe. Light Tanks are now faster, terrain climbing ******** whose fast-firing percussive shells make it difficult to return fire. Medium Tanks are accurate tank hunters. Heavy Tanks are something you buy and point at the enemy base and shoot things with (not unlike before). Mammoth Tanks kill everything. Tesla Tanks kill everything even harder, but they have like a fifth of the HP of the Mammoth. But they now also have a discharge ability that allows them to kill nearby infantry who wander too close! Phase Tanks have grenade-style rockets that murder infantry! [redacted] can [redacted] and it also [redacted]! Wow!


New Maps! Remakes of Old Maps! New Graphics! New Sounds! New Options and Stability! New Helpfulness! Supply Trucks! RPG Troopers!

Again, we're aiming for a December 2010 release. Cross your fingers.

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