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Hallo Kommandeure. Bitte nehmen Sie sich ein paar Minuten in dieser Frage 12 Erhebung über C&C! Seien Sie so ehrlich wie du kannst, wirst du nicht verletzt niemandes Gefühle.

Kane lebt!

(Yeah, I definitely used Google Translator. I don't know a word of German, fellow C&Cers!)

Update: EA has contacted me and requested that I make it clear that this is not an official EA endeavor. So, allow me to officially state that: "In regards to this poll, associated party or parties and or websites are not officially affiliated with EA Games." However, that doesn't mean EA will not ever see these results. I, not acting upon EA's behalf, personally appreciate any time, effort, energy and above all, honesty if you took this poll. Here's hoping to a bright future for C&C.

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