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Cyann - Black Dawn

Hallo !

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Hello an alle,

Ich bin Cyann, von das Staff der französische CnC Saga. Ich kann Deutsch sprechen (ich lerne es seit drei Jahre), aber ich spreche lieber Englisch. Ich bin sicher dass es viele Fehler in diesen Sätzen gibt (Google Trad FTW) :google:

So, let me introduce myself in English. Ich lebe im Sudfrankreich I live in Southern France (exactly in the Bouches-du-Rhônes, not far from Avignon), and I'm on the french CnC Saga for about one year and a half. My favorite CnC is TW/KW, and as you might have already guessed, my favorite faction is GDI. I don't really have a favorite faction in Red Alert and Generals Universes (maybe a bit Soviet).

I also play on CoD Black Ops, Red Alert : A Path Beyond (you better know this mod... or prepare for propaganda flood), and a variety of games like Defcon or Fallout 3.

So, why am I here ? Well I must improve my German I want to take a look at how does works (differencies with the french version for exemple), because things are not going very well on (I won't tell you anything more, or Zéphyr is gonna kill me by Maybe I'll also participate to the CnC 5 project. And, most of all, I hope I'll have some fun here =)

OMG, already 1:15 AM ? Must go sleeping, bye !:nachti:

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Hello Cyann, nice to see you here at

I think the most of us understand english, so i think thats not a problem here.

But if you want to try write in German...hey i think we understand that too.

So don´t be afraid and try it if you really want to improve your German...

or mix both, English and German ;)

Greetings and a nice time at


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Hi Cyann, your Avatar is great ;)

Thanks ! You can find its high-res version there :

Hello,Cyann, et je vous souhaite beaucoup de plaisir ,

is that correct?^^

Technically yes, but "vous" is like the German "Sie". So, on forums, you should use "tu" (French version of "du") instead of "vous".

Thanks everyone !

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