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CnCTube Recruiting an Events Manager!

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Hello, CnCTube is recruiting for the following volunteer:

Event Management: This role is all about communication with the C&C communities out there. Getting stuck in with tournaments, and making sure we are the number 1 host of any videos created.

CnCTube also needs to get more involved with Mod projects. Creating special video advertisements of their mods might be an example. We are open to ideas on this.

We are also wanting to become a proud host of tournaments, not with money (Just yet), but with our service of featuring any VOD of a tournament on our site.

Aim's expected from you if applying for this position:

- Good English to speak with my self, and my co-parter of CnCTube.

- Professional in how you approach communities, i.e via email, forum posts, or making of events.

- Playing an active appearance around the CnCTube forums.

You will have access to:

- A Limited Video Admin/moderation panel.

- Full Admin to our CnCTube Blog.

- Your own personalized CnCTube email account.

- Access to our CnCTube private forums.

If anyone has any questions, or would like to apply they can reply here, or E-Mail me at

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