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Mental Omega: Das Interview

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Speeder, der Entwickler vom Mod Mental Omega spricht über die kommende Version 3.0. Mental Omega ist eine Modifikation, die die Handlung von Yuri's Revenge weiterführt und bietet neue Missionen, neue Einheiten und Gebäude. Mental Omega Version 2.0psi (Patch 2) wurde im letzten November veröffentlicht Hier einen kleinen Ausschnitt aus dem Interview mit Speeder. Natürlich auf Englisch. Für das komplette Interview einfach hier klicken


Will we see new campaigns soon?

We are currently working on a new version, Mental Omega 3.0. In this version we will be using the new Ares system. for the game. Ares provides better stability than what we are currently using, NPatch. But since Ares has the save/load function disabled at the moment. I can't really have those new campaigns released yet. So, I'm planning a skirmish/multiplayer beta before I deliver the missions. Unlike 2.0, 3.0 will be multiplayer-oriented.

Also, I will try to have the sides balanced much better than before. With the current tech trees set up it could be tricky, but still possible. You know, I’ve added much more content to the game so it needs to be tested. I'll be counting on Mental Omega fans to provide feedback when the beta is out.

Any chance we will see co-op mission mode?

This is probably the most important announcement of Mental Omega 3.0. In 3.0 we will finally have cooperative campaigns, and it REALLY will be a cooperative campaigns, not just a disguised skirmish.

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