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Exclusive: Interview with Tim Morton - Development Director

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German version:


Hello Mister Morton, thank you for your time to answer our questions. All questions are both from CnCSaga Network (,, & and a lot of different users.


Command & Conquer Free2Play was and/or is supposed to be Generals 2. Will it feature the Generals universe again or will the game be more distinct to it then previously perceived?
TIM: This new C&C will be set in the Generals universe about ten years after the fiction from the last Generals game, so there will be a mix of familiar and new elements to it.



Why did you decide to make Generals 2 a Free2Play title?
TIM: The free to play aspect, while notable, is really a by-product of the new underlying philosophy for this game. Where past titles focused on releasing one version, this new C&C will be a continuous live service that never stops improving based on feedback from players. A lot of my answers below are driven by this: we will start with the essential core and then build from there. The approach is markedly different from past products (tightly focused feature-set in the beginning), but I am convinced the long-term outcome will be higher quality.

Will EA be releasing another full price C&C title?
TIM: There are not currently any plans for another full-price C&C title, but past C&C titles remain available in “C&C: The Ultimate Collection”.

Are there any plans yet how to integrate the other universes on the engine platform? Currently, it mostly revolves around Generals.
TIM: We don’t have a specific design yet for how other universes will integrate, but we do plan to revisit the Tiberium and Red Alert universes in the future.

Is there any work being done on the campaign yet? If yes, are there any BioWare employees involved with the development of it?
TIM: We are actively exploring different approaches to campaign-style gameplay, and have had an opportunity to collaborate with the talented writing team at BioWare, but we’re not yet ready to announce specific plans.



To what extent will Origin and Command & Conquer Free 2 Play connected? Which features will be available with Origin?
TIM: Origin will be the initial distribution point for C&C, but we are also exploring other ways to provide access to game. C&C will provide an ability to import Origin avatars and Origin friend-lists.

By when can we expect a beta-phase?
TIM: Select community members are already providing feedback to an “Alpha Preview” in a closed environment, but the constantly evolving nature of a live service makes the terms “Alpha” and “Beta” less germane. More players will gain access over time until we’ve reached a point where we believe the game is ready to be completely open. Our hope is to be fully open before the end of 2013, but we’re not yet ready to commit to a specific date.

Will have the game an option to buy any kind of items right away after the match?
TIM: We haven’t made any firm decisions about how purchasing will work, since our main focus right now is on core gameplay.

Will have every general own global promote system? So, to open XX-vehicle you need to play directly XX-general, to unlock YY-infantry - play by YY-general, isnt it?
TIM: Player progression is an aspect of the game that is still evolving, but it is not currently tied to specific generals. Whatever shape the final progression system takes, we will continue to consciously avoid pay-to-win elements, and the match-making system will strive to keep matches fair.



Can we expect the weather system: snowfall, sand-storm, sunshine, storm?
TIM: We don’t have weather systems implemented right now, but this is something we hope to explore in the future.

How do you plan to realize selection/matching of opponent and ally during quick match?
TIM: Players can click a “play” button to instruct the match-making system to find an appropriate match, or they can partner with specific friends.

Can GLA vehicle grab the enemies remains for upgrading like it was in C&C:Generals?
TIM: There isn’t currently a salvage system implemented, but this is something we might explore in the future.

Can we unlock "buyable" items/upgrades/generals through game experience? Or those items will be for cash only?
TIM: Anything that impacts gameplay will be available to players through either earning or purchasing.



Will you support modding and mapping? Will you allow to create custom skins?
TIM: Mod support will require us to develop some new tools, but this is something we hope to do in the future – we’re extremely enthusiastic about modding, being developers ourselves.

Do you plan DLC with the new game modes?
TIM: This new C&C is a live service, so new content will regularly be available, but it won’t be DLC in the same sense as past games with expansion packs. Game modes are one of many different types of content that we plan to regularly add over time.

Did you think about the price for DLC?
TIM: No pricing has been set at this point.

Will you show C&C F2P on E3, GamesCom (Germany), Igromir (Russia)?
TIM: We’re not ready to announce where C&C will make appearances, but we look forward to sharing the game publicly!



Will the game have audio localization?
TIM: Over time, we plan to provide both text and audio localization for different regions.

Will the game have feature to create groups with searching another players like it was realized in DOTA 2?
TIM: C&C will provide a system that enables multiple players to team-up as a group for auto-matching with other players. Later on in development, C&C will also provide support for persistent clans.

What is the maximum number of players on the map?
TIM: We’ve already built 3v3 maps, and we are actively implementing some bigger maps. No decisions have been made about what the largest map size will eventually be.

Will be global domination mode in the game?
TIM: We plan to add many new game modes over time; specifics are still being worked through at this point.



Will the game have classic Generals hotkeys and left-click?
TIM: We hope to eventually offer customizable hotkey and mouse-button settings, but this level of customization has not been implemented yet.

Can I download this game for Mac?
TIM: There is not currently a Macintosh version, but this is something that could be considered in the future.

Will the game have realized custom user interfaces: when the player will be able to draw its own interface? Or "drag and drop" creating of UI?
Will there be several types of interfaces to choose from the options: new (current), classic (Generals) and old-school ( C&C3/RA3)?

TIM: These are interesting ideas for us to evaluate. We’re primarily focused on core gameplay at this point, but look forward to eventually experimenting with all sorts of new ideas.

Sometimes ago we saw leaked CGI video of the new C&C. Do you plan to use those CGI-trailers for singleplayer and what the priority of the campaign after release C&C F2P?
TIM: The door is open for cinematics to play a role in the future, but the previously released footage is not part of our current plan. We are actively exploring different approaches to campaign-style gameplay; this is a real priority for us, and you can be sure that the development team is passionate about delivering a great experience on this front!




This interview is exclusive by!

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