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[Mod] Crazy Mod

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Und schon wieder ein Update:

Diesmal bekommt man einen Blick auf den Aelous des "Air-Generals" der USA und zwar einmal als Render und einmal als Screenshot ;-)

Vllt. hier noch die Einheitenbeschreibung:

The Air-Force General's super unit, the Aeolus forgoes conventional weaponry, instead using two massive airplane jet turbines to blow away enemy units. The air blast from the turbines is so powerful that it can even rip apart buildings with hurricane-force winds.

The Aeolus has a unique special ability as well, called Hurricane mode. In this mode, the Aeolus uses its turbines to generate a 180 degree wall of wind in front of it. This wind "wall" pushes back enemy units, and can even keep them from moving into attack range. This could let you keep enemy units at bay while artillery attacks safely from behind the wall. It also can still tear down buildings when using this mode.

As with all super units, the Aeolus costs $3000 to produce at the war factory, and has a build limit of one. It requires a Strategy Center to be built, and takes 20 seconds for it to be fully completed.

Credit to Camille for his Hivestorm MLRS model, which was used as the chassis of the Aeolus.

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Und wieder ein Update der Crazy Mod ;-)

Zu sehen ist der scharfe Swordion Tank der GBA =)

You've all seen those interesting looking GLA monuments with the crossed swords coming from the ground. In an attempt to counter USA Melee vehicles, a GLA commander ordered the statues torn down and welded onto Scorpion tank turrets. These new tanks were then called Swordions.

Swordion Tanks swing their massive Scimitars horizontally, cutting down enemy units in a large arc in front of them. They excel at mowing down groups of enemy infantry, especially after the addition of supercharged engines which allow them to outpace most tanks.

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Tja eben total Crazy ;-)

So ist sie halt :D

Bereits vor 6 Tagen erschien ein weiteres Update.

In diesem enthalten, waren aber nur zwei vollständige Einheiten als Download für andere Modder (oder auch Spieler, die mit den folgenden Modells im originalen Game unzufrieden waren), derGBA Scud Launcher und der US M1A1 Abrams Tank.

bearbeitet von bibaborsti

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