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[Mod] Tiberian Odyssey

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Nach einer längeren Pause gibt es wieder ein Update für Tiberian Odyssey!

Dieses enthält Screenshots aus der Mod-eigenen Kampagne und zwei neue Units der GDI, dem Urban Pacifier Tank und dem Urban Enforcer APC.

Dazu kommen dann noch zwei Mod-Tracks, Futile und Eerie.

Edit: Ein Screenshot ist gestern noch dazugekommen :)

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Nein, leider nicht ;-)

Hat schonmal jemand auf ModDB gefragt, hier die Antwort :D

As always, the release date depends on getting the work done.

There are a few, core, dedicated staff working on the remaining necessary things, but there are a few fairly substantial things which need to be done.

The Nod side could still use a little love in the buildings department, and there are still some GDI buildings which need to be done. There are less that half a dozen voxels (that's vehicle graphics) for the core sides which need to be done before release, but the remaining ones are some of the more troublesome units design-wise.

In my opinion, we now have a list somewhat like this:


-Completion of Sides' Building graphics (70%-80% done, probably)

-Completion of Sides' Vehicle graphics (90% done, probably)

-Completion of Snow Theatre terrain set (70% done, probably)

-Balancing (Always being reviewed)

-Stringent Beta-testing (Always being reviewed)

-Better MP maps (10%-ish done.. maybe)

Really Nice to have:

-Complete campaigns (10% done)

-Completion of Interior terrain set (20% done)

-BuildConst (hah, probably not going to happen)

As you can see from that list, I'd estimate us at near completion. There are a bunch of things which are being worked on, but beyond that I can't give a fixed date for a release - though GDI is pretty close to done, and beta testing has already started.

Generally mods don't set fixed release dates, in my experience, because the staff are only doing it as a hobby and free time can be scarce.

As such, any 3D or mapping help would be brilliant right now, as we enter the final phases of development.

Die Antwort ist jetzt aber schon zwei Monate alt :wink:

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