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Twisted Insurrection Stand-Alone Beta released!

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Schon vor einigen Tagen wurde eine Beta der "Mod" Twisted Insurrection released.

Die Kampagne der Mod trägt hierbei den Namen "Tiberian Dawn - Nod Victory" ;-)

Wer sich dafür interessiert, möge bitte hier gucken :wink:

Hier Screenshots :)

Außerdem gibt es schon ein erstes Review :wink:

Wie schon geschrieben, braucht man dafür nicht Tiberian Sun installiert zu haben!

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Heute gab es den ersten Patch!

Der Changelog ist hier zu finden, der Patch ansich hier ;-)

Im Moment erwartet der Patch aber noch die Autorisierung. Er sollte aber innerhalb der nächsten Stunden downloadbar sein :)

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Und bereits gestern wurde die zweite Beta veröffentlicht :)

Die Story:

The year is now 2019. The Tiberian World now stands with a very uncertain fate. The two most powerful and influential forces on the planet are trapped in a never ending dead lock of war and combat. Whilst the Global Defense Initiative has suffered many blows and military defeats, the faction itself still stands strong and has shown the world its amazing ability to endure harsh punishments and has recovered much lost ground. The Brotherhood of Nod has struggled and triumphed over its enemies, only for its victory to be short lived by the death of Kane the Messiah, causing an ever lasting deterioration through the Brotherhood and leading to defeats and chaos amongst the large faction. With the end of the First Tiberian War comes the dawn and age of a new, second Tiberian War, with new terrifying possibilities and potential. The fate of Earth lies dangerously unknown. Welcome to the Twisted Insurrection commander.

"Sir... I fear an Insurrection is imminent..." - Anonymous



Changelog since Public Beta 1:

- Added new Nod Harvester Image, thus old Harvester HVA Bug is resolved

- Updated Credits

- Decreased Damage inflicted on Infantry by Forest Fires

- Decreased number of debris spawned by certain vehicles and structures

- Decreased Damage inflicted by some debris pieces

- Nod Mission 5 now launches properly after Nod Mission 4

- Advanced Tiberium Reactor Requirement changed to Tiberium Reactor and Radar

- Advanced Tiberium Reactor is no longer one of the Mobile Structures

- Added new Harvester Cameo

- Fixed a few repeating trigger errors on Nod Mission 4

- Disabled Version button on Main menu (Until it shows the proper information)

- Added new GloboTech Light Tank image

- Changed name of Medic to GloboTech Medic

- Added GDI Challenge Campaign

----- Added GDI Challenge 01

- Removed Deployment ability from the Repair Tanks

- Re-added Difficulty Slider to Campaign selection

- Re-arranged THEME01.ini, Post War Melancholy is now TI's Theme Song

- Added many new animations

----- Rain (Newest Effect)

----- Spark Effect (1 & 2)

----- Fire Explosion (1 Through 6)

----- Small Yellow Smoke Explosion (1 Through 3)

- Added New Juggernaut Image (Campaign/Crate Goodie Only)

- Added New Inner Circle Redeemer (Campaign Only)

- Darkened MLRS Walker

- Orca Bomber Bomblets now use new explosion animations

- Added Art.ini entries for TRACKJ07 - TRACKJ30

- Added new art for PALET01 - PALET04 Overlays

- Added new art for CRAT01 - CRAT0C Overlays

- Added new art for DRUM01 - DRUM02 Overlays

- Added 8 new Crate variations (Map Detail)

- Added 5 new Explosive Barrel variations (Map Detail)

- Added 8 new Palette variations (Map Detail)

- Added 2 new Traffic Cone variations (Map Detail)

- Added additional Interior Terrain

- Added new Interior cliffs

- MLRS Walkers are no longer available if you capture the GDI War Factory on Nod Mission 5

- Goliaths are no longer available if you capture the GDI War Factory on Nod Mission 3

- Added remappable visceroid option for maps (Just change Image=VISLRG on [VISC_LRG] to Image=RVISLRG in the map file)

- Changed Prerequisite= of Laser Fence post to POWER,NARADAR (Same as Advanced Tiberium Reactor)

- Re-wrote GDI Mission 5 Briefing

- Re-wrote Nod Missions 4 and 5 Briefings

- Nod Mission 1 altered, you now have to destroy only a certain amount of buildings in the city rather than all of them

- Added Orca Immobilizer Cameo

- Interior Theater Complete

- Added new Firey smoke Trailer animation (TISMOEX) for possible future usage

- Removed Hover Tanks from campaign maps and replaced them with other units

- Inferono's and Cleaver Drone's are no longer avaiable in Nod Mission 4 (Anti-grav technology is introduced later)

- GDI Engineer Strength changed to 120 (Nod Engineer Strength remains at 100)

- Nod Engineer Prerequisite changed to NAHAND for balance reasons

- Scatterpack and MLRS Walker no longer available if you capture the GDI War Factory on Nod Mission 4

- Removed Death animation from Venom walker due-to Instant Promotion bug

- Hover Tank is no longer avaiable as a crate goodie

- The following units have been added as crate goodies:

----- GloboTech Mobile SAM

----- GloboTech Hum-vee

----- GloboTech Light Tank

----- GloboTech Armadillo APC

----- GloboTech Repair Tank

----- Mobile Sensor Array

- Changed owner on Twisted Dawn units to correct houses (GDI Units set to Owner=GDI Nod units set to Owner=Nod) for correct crate options

- Added new Blue Warning Stripe City Pavement to the City Pavement Additions set

- Added Clean Interior cliffs to the Interior cliff set

- Added Stripped of Life to TI playlist

- Changed Scatterpack WalkRate to 1

- Included additional Cliffs to the Interior Cliff set

- Included additional fixture tiles to the Interior Pavement Additions tiles

- Mobile Sensor Array is now a hovering unit

- Re-enabled Nod and GDI Repair Tanks to deploy again

- Fixed GDI repair tanks UndeploysInto= tag (was set to UndeploysInto=REPAIR when it should of been UndeploysInto=GREPAIR)

- Added additional variations to the High Pavement Cliffs A set

- Added additional variations to the Interior Cliffs set

- AntiInfLaser warhead now uses InfDeath=5

- Updated Credits

- Added Backwater Barrens (2-6)

- Added New Trees

- Added Twisted Dawn Stealth Tank to the Mix Files and Art.INI

- Cleaned up some mistakes in a few INI files

- Deleted unused material from many MIX files

- Replaced Stock TS Trees

- Replaced old TI Healthy Tree Set

- Added new Oak Tree set

- Added new Burned Tree set

- Added new Bush set

- Added fixed version of Final Haven (2-3)

- Added fixed version of Primal Haven (2)

- Restarted with a fresh AI.INI file

- Added new MPScore.pcx

- Added Remnants (2)

- Added new Main Menu track

- Shifted Music coding from THEME01.ini to THEME.ini

- Added new Street Lights

- Added new Street Lights Alpha Images

- Added new Spotlight

- Added new Spotlight Alpha Image

- Added Beta Nod Power Plant

- Re-wrote some of the Mission Briefings

- Added new Skirmish Score Screen Image

- Updated Rules.INI AI Settings

- Added temporary replacements for Ramp Edge Fix Ups

- Added temporary replacements for Dirt Road Slopes

- Edited South-East facing slopes

- Fixed Vulcan Tower bug, it will now automatically target enemies

- Added new temporary Minefield image

- Added new temporary Minefield cameo

- Changed "Enemy AI" to "Computer"

- AI Now builds a deployed Sensor Array

- Pit of Despair (2-5) moved in front of Backwater Barrens (2-6) in the maps list

- Ion Storms are now less frequent on Pit of Despair (2-5)

- Minefield warhead now less effective against concrete armor (Mammoth Mark II and Venom Walkers)

- Changed the name of Fona to Flora in rules.ini

- Fixed Rocketeer Strength

- Added temporary Advanced Power Plant image

- Added Tombstone set

- Added new TD APC Image

- Added new Waterfall Images

- Added River Raid (2)

- Fixed trees on Heartless (2-4)

- Scorpion Light Tanks can no longer crush infantry

- Hov-Vee speed increased

- Boosted Strength of most Infantry by 10

- Peacekeeper, Militant and Ranger weapon now slightly stronger

- Railgun Tank weapon slightly stronger

- Changed some strings in Twistage.dll

- Grenadier weapon now more effective against vehicles

- Changed [Easy] Cost= to 0.75

- Added [Easy] Cost=1.0 to all campaign maps

- Fixed Veinhole Monster image

- Added new Ammo Crate Image

- Changed AMMO01 Palette from Unittem to IsoTem (Should of been done in the first place)

- Added shadows to Pipes

- Fixed names on Juggernaut and Redeemer

- The following structures can now be powered on and off:

----- GDI Refinery

----- Nod Refinery

----- Hall of Faith

----- Artillery Battery

----- Cannon Battery

----- EMP Battery

----- Vulcan Battery

- Added Zeta City (2-8)

- Added Lambda City (2)

- Updated Credits (20/12/2010)

- Re-added Moles, EMP Cannons and Earthquake Emmiters from Creepy Canyon (2)

- Re-added Moles, EMP Cannons and Earthquake Emmiters from Cataclysmia (2)

- Re-added Moles, EMP Cannons and Earthquake Emmiters from Woodland Fountain (2)

- AI's now builds Moles, EMP Cannons or Earthquake Emmiters on Creepy Canyon (2) again.

- AI's now builds build Moles, EMP Cannons or Earthquake Emmiters on Cataclysmia (2) again.

- AI's now builds build Moles, EMP Cannons or Earthquake Emmiters on Woodland Fountain (2) again.

- Orca Immobilizers now require EMP Cannon again on Creepy Canyon (2)

- Orca Immobilizers now require EMP Cannon again on Cataclysmia (2)

- Orca Immobilizers now require EMP Cannon again on Woodland Fountain (2)

- Added 24 new Ammo Crate variations

- Applied some new text strings to tutorial.ini

- Added EMP Patriot Missile Battery to the center of The Triple 'S' (2-6) instead of EMP Cannon Clone

- Added missing Interior Cliffs

- Updated Nod Mission 6 (Unfinished)

- Finished High Pavement Slope Set Pieces

- Remade and Remastered staff billboards

- Remastered some of the old billboards

- Changed names accordingly to staff billboards

- Added Black Swamp (2-4)

- Updated AI.INI file, changes are as follows:

----- Fixed building IDs on Missile Silo (temple), Uplink Center and APC/engineer attacks

----- Rewritten Easy AI taskforces

----- Changed Suicide=yes to Suicide=no from all Easy GDI and Nod ground teams which don't have a good reason of having it

----- Changed Easy AI TeamDelays to 1850

----- Fixed many bugs with Easy AI triggers (such like anti-refn teams checking for PROC)

----- Added taskforce 09GEAAA0-G for easy GDI AI base air defense and changed teamtype 084E5B50-G to use it

----- Fixed missile silo attack triggers on all difficulty levels: they checked for NAMISL (TS building), changed it to NATMPL

----- Fixed some Medium AI (level 1) factory attack triggers checking for the precense of enemy's PROC (changed to GACNST)

----- Fixed some medium GDI AI APC/engineer attack triggers (ENGINEER -> ENGINERG)

----- Added attack triggers for Easy AI targeting Nod harvesters

----- Added teamtypes (ID) 1077-1094 for Easy AI (Nod refinery) attacks and triggers for using them

----- Fixed; some AI triggers had similar names (for example there were two "H_GDI emporca harvester attack" triggers, one of them was numbered 2 -> "H_GDI emporca harvester attack 2")

- Added new TD Artillery Image

- Changed Earthquake Emitter cameo to EMP Cannon (Temporary)

- Changed Hall of Faith cameo to old TS Waste Facility (Temporary)

- NAOBEL TurretChargeAnimRate raised from 1 to 4 for a slower chargeanim giving fast units time to retreat again

- TeslaCharge and TeslaZap AudioVisual keys set to none

----- Obelisks don't play two firing sounds at the same time anymore

- Nod Radar has new art

- Eclipse Tanks can shoot and move at the same time again

- Ammocrate COOKOFF animation added

- Removed explosion from tombstones

- Smaller explosions for crates and palettes

- Twisted Insurrection no-longer needs to have compatibilty mode set

- Scores.mix separated from TwiIns.mix due to big filesize (now small build can be downloaded that works without music)

- Invisible things fixed which were a result of the "compat mode fix"

- FinalTI now has the buildings ordered in several categories

- Vanilla TS explolrg.shp removed and explorg.shp renamed to explolrg.shp

- Mix Files re-organized

- Nod Radar Cameo Added

- Omicron City (2-7) Added

- Game.exe produced TI.log renamed to logfile.txt

- FinalTI Map editor included


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